Today was a fairly uneventful day, but there are a couple of things I would like to share. In order for this to make sense there are three things you need to know about me.

  1. I am a nerd.  I love reading and learning.  Harry Potter is one of the loves of my life.
  2. I am extremely creative but have very limited artistic skills.
  3. My kids were awful today and neither one napped for very long, and neither of them napped at the same time as the other one. This is insanity inducing to say the least.

Okay, now that you know those things, I can continue.  J. napped first and S. insisted he wasn’t tired. So, when J. woke up we decided to run our errands to get out of the house.  We ran all our errand and then we were going to go the the playground.  I ran inside to drop off some refrigerated items, and in the 47 seconds it took me to put the milk in the fridge and come back to the van, S. was sawing logs.  So, since J. was in the middle of watching the Peanuts movie (Bawlee Blown) for the third time, and  I knew he would through a bloody fit if I shut it off and took him and his brother inside, we drove around and parked the van on a gravel road so J. could watch his movie, S. could nap, and Mommy could relax and not have someone climbing on her for the first time in hours.

While this was happening I discovered two things.  First, is my new adoration for  Like I said, I love Harry Potter (after all this time? Always).  However despite my love for everything HP, I have never liked the Pottermore site because of the way it was set up.  Since the powers that be rearranged the site, I decided to give it another try today because JKR recently released an insane amount of information about the other wizarding schools and you can now be sorted into Ilvermorny (the American version of Hogwarts).  I loved every moment I spent on this site.  I read so many new and interesting things that are only released on the website, and it was so great to be able to be excited and  learn something about the Wizarding World that I didn’t already know.

The second thing that I discovered, was this fantastic app called Let’s Create HD Pottery.  I am in love. I spent hours making pots, and vases, and cups, and bowls, and any other thing that you could possibly make out of clay on a potters wheel.  You are commissioned to make pieces for coins, and you can make as many pieces to sell to get more coins to buy patterns and designs to add to your pottery creations.  I ended up buying the $4.99 app (which I NEVER in a million years would normally do) simply because I wanted more options for my pottery.  How absurd is that?  Like I said earlier though, I am extremely creative, but my artistic talent is lacking.  This app fixes my problem! On top of how relaxing and fun it is to make new items and to be challenged by some of the pieces you are commissioned to create, if you make something you are particularly fond of, YOU CAN HAVE IT 3D PRINTED!!! This was completely mind blowing.  I haven’t yet checked on the price of having something printed, I am sure it is based on size and the complexity of the project, but I absolutely LOVE the idea.  How cool would it be to make something, have it printed, and then give it to your grandma for her birthday? Whoever designed this app is an absolute genius.

** The vase pictured above is not my creation, just a simple google image search, but I did make one quite similar to it, which is why I chose to include it in the post.  I would share my own creations, but alas, husband has commandeered the iPad and therefore I am unable to.