The boys and I had the great pleasure of spending the afternoon with some great friends exploring the gorgeous 17 acre garden that sits just outside the Iowa State University Campus.

There’s been a horticulture garden at Iowa State University since 1914, and now Reiman Gardens is one of the finest and most unique gardens in the country available to student, faculty and staff exploration, research and learning. Through all the years, the Gardens has remained an oasis of natural beauty and education for generations of students and guests. 

The gardens are considered one of the must-see attractions in central Iowa, for very good reason.

I took way to many pictures, and we were only there for about two and half hours, but I would greatly recommend visiting this “oasis of natural beauty” in the middle of Ames.


Climbing on Cy with a helping hand from big sister (hiding behind holding her Starbucks.


Remain Gardens is home to a beautiful butterfly enclosure where you are swarmed by hundreds of beautiful winged creatures and you are always afraid you will accidentally squash one.

This summer’s special exhibit is giant Lego statues.  The kids (and adults) were amazed by the creativity of these huge structures and the number of blocks it took to build each one.

I love all the beautiful flowers, and thankfully my friend, Cassie, knew what most of them were so she taught me all the fancy flower names.  I wish I had any gardening ability, but I kill every plant I touch.

This is a picturesque place to host a wedding and we found about a zillion different places throughout the garden that would be absolute lovely to walk down the aisle.  Cassie’s daughter began planning her own big day somewhere down the line.  IMG_0152And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite part of the garden. May I present, Elwood: the world’s biggest lawn gnome. I love him.  I want to take him home with me.