Before I turn 30, I will…

  • stop apologizing for everything. I will be thankful rather than apologetic.
  • finish school and get a real teaching job.
  • not live with my mother anymore. I will build my own home, or buy a home that I love.
  • fix my credit score…this is a high priority.
  • publish something. Anything. Write, edit, put it out there.
  • stop being afraid of rejection and failure. That is how you learn!
  • start to value myself more.
  • drink more water and less vodka.
  • travel, explore, discover, learn.
  • be a better mom, and stop letting my anxiety hinder the boys lives.
  • work harder to control my anxiety and to be more comfortable in my own skin.
  • learn to stand up for myself more.
  • do something meaningful to make the world a better place.